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Harvest Festival and Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

We had a wonderful harvest festival on Sunday with a family service looking at the three festivals within the bible concerning harvests and spent time considering the bounty that the Lord provides throughout the year. We also spent time looking at the work of CAP. This week on the 5th there will be a programme concerning the work of CAP and we would ask that all

christian households make as many people aware of this broadcast as it covers a topic close to our hearts in the work that CAP does dealing with poverty in local communities. This is a rare opportunity to show case the christian way of life doing something positive.

CAP have asked if we could remember them in our prayers and they have offered a communal prayer that they would like as many people as possible to say in advance of the TV show on Friday, here is that prayer:

Communal prayer

"Lord, We thank you for this incredible opportunity for people all over the UK to see how the Church and Christians Against Poverty are helping those in desperate need.

We pray that people would be inspired as they see your body – your people – at work, bringing your light and life to the darkness and loneliness that those in UK poverty are facing.

We pray that you would keep Holly, Gareth and the others who have bravely shared their stories safe, and that their testimonies would demonstrate to people the real hope and community that can be found within the local Church.

We ask that you’d enable those struggling with debt, poverty and its causes to find the help they need, and that you’d help us, your Church, to reach out in compassion to the poorest people in our communities.

We pray that this BBC documentary means more people will find a way out of their debt through CAP. We thank you for all their staff who are working to make this happen and pray your blessings over the work of their hands.

Show us how to love those around us, and teach us how to help each other.


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