Our Sunday morning worship has once again moved online

and into people's homes via the internet. 



To the MBC Family and all our Friends,
Sunday, our Lord's day where we remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for every single one of us.


Please join us online as we celebrate our Lord's great sacrifice with our Sunday service.


How precious it will be when we have our first service all together again.


But until then here is an outline for this Sunday followed by the video of our service.

YouTube video of the service  

 or an audio file of the service 

Sunday 3rd ServiceMBC
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Finally, give someone in the fellowship a telephone call!

Emails and texts are good, but we all need to talk.

Of course we are no doubt all keeping in touch, but is there anyone in the church who you haven't spoken to since this difficult situation began?


God bless on the Lord's Day. 

Les, Ian and David

East Midlands Baptist Association