Sunday morning worship will move online and into people's homes for the foreseeable future whilst we act to support the efforts

against the Corona Virus (Covid-19). 


Good Morning to the MBC family, and Happy Palm Sunday!

Today we remember the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem as a King, but not the kind of King people were perhaps expecting.  As a leadership we very much hope that between 10.00 am and midday you will sit down at home and use the following to conduct a 'service'.  



The order is up to you but please include the following

Sing or listen to some songs - Palm Sunday ones in particular are:

'Ride on Ride on in Majesty',

'All glory, laud and honour'

and 'Make Way'.


For this last one please use the YouTube link to see and hear Les leading on this song:



Use this YouTube link for a very good overview of what Palm Sunday was all about.  It's great for children, but really good for all of us:

Spend some time in prayer - in particular please pray for those families in our country who have lost loved ones.  Think particularly of the families of the two nurses who died and the family of the young boy who died of Covid-19. 


Also pray for the fellowship and that we all stay in touch, remain disciplined in our bible study, prayer and commitment to one another, and remember that we are a church, a people who are set apart to do good works.


Watch the following sermon.  It's by a very good preacher called Steve Brady.  It's about looking to the future but living in the now!

Here's a video recommendation from Adrian by Elvis Presley

Finally, give someone in the fellowship a telephone call! Emails and texts are good, but we all need to talk. Of course we are no doubt all keeping in touch, but is there anyone in the church who you haven't spoken to since this difficult situation began?

We trust that you are blessed as you pray, sing, listen and worship - remembering that we are all doing it together!

God willing next week there will be a service conducted by the leadership team to take part in.


God bless on the Lord's Day. 

Les, Ian and David

East Midlands Baptist Association