Sunday morning worship will move online and into people's homes for the foreseeable future whilst we act to support the efforts

against the Corona Virus (Covid-19)


 To the MBC Family,
 Sunday, our special day. How precious it will be when we have our first service all together again. But until then here is an outline for this Sunday. Whilst we all listen to and watch all sorts of Christian things on the Internet etc, to retain a sense of fellowship and togetherness, please aim to do the following this Sunday morning between 10.00 am and midday.
Try to listen to worship songs, maybe try some newer ones.
Pray together. Pray for our nations leadership who really need guidance and wisdom at this time. Also pray for the Queen who in times of national trouble has so often given wisdom and kind words. Pray for our world - as the pandemic becomes worldwide, please pray for the poorer nations whose health services are so much more basic than ours. Think of countries like Pakistan, Nigeria,India, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Bangladesh, etc.
Please listen to the following talk (link here). It is about guarding our hearts. This is hard at the best of times, and now when we do not have the fellowship and the disciplines of church, it will be very easy to slip a little or lose a little of our passion for Christ.  Be encouraged by this talk, and the discuss it with your family!


Finally, give someone in the fellowship a telephone call! Emails and texts are good, but we all need to talk. Of course we are no doubt all keeping in touch, but is there anyone in the church who you haven't spoken to since this difficult situation began?


God bless on the Lord's Day. 

Les, Ian and David

East Midlands Baptist Association