Celebrating Harvest

Sunday 25th September was the date of our Harvest Festival Service. It was a well attended and blessed time. David challenged us by saying that people in other places; if they were fortunate enough would have rice for breakfast, rice for lunch and rice for dinner, yet we have so many choices for all of those meals. The table was laden with fresh produce, tins and packet foods which were later donated to the local food bank in Ashby. The weekly offering was donated to the charity Tearfund. Last week we hard how God loves a cheerful giver and it certainly makes you feel cheerful to know that things are going to people less fortunate than yourselves. It was a great time to praise and tha

Harvest Barn Dance

We celebrated Harvest on the last full weekend in September. Saturday evening saw about 60 people of all ages and abilities enjoying a dance to the colorful tunes of a live band. The standard of dancing didn't matter; the friendship and fun with Church attenders and friends was what we enjoyed the most. As usual there was food to be had, and it was very good.

Boys Brigade Sleepout!

What a great event. Evening time, Friday 23rd, six of the boys and three adults went up to CEEP near the motorway for an overnight sleepover. The boys spent a couple of hours building their own shelters and as the night was dry and not too cold, they were able to sleep in them all night. We built a fire that lasted all night so both evening meal and breakfast were cooked outdoors. The damper bread at dinner time was quite a hit! We all really enjoyed ourselves, despite having to do some emergency shelter repairs in the dark. Thanks to Ade for the chilli and to Glynn for his limitless energy. Also thanks to Steve, Tim and the team at CEEP for letting us use their superb facilities.