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Car Boot & Christianity

Lesley and Adrian have been busy this summer at Measham Car Boot with a stall decked out with Christian goodies.

Everything has been freely received to demonstrate that Jesus is a free gift from God and eternal life is freely available to everybody who comes to believe and trust in him.

They have been keeping us up to date with progress and have passed on the good word of our Lord to a good many people, some of which we hope will come along and visit us at one of our Church events and services.

The door represents your heart, Jesus stands on the outside and knocks as he won't let himself in uninvited as there is no door handle on his side.

You have a door handle on your side and you have to open the door to let Jesus into your heart..

Revelations 3:20

This is the prayer box made by Phil, it has been widely used by increasingly more people as the weeks have progressed.

We have even had people returning for more prayer requests.

It is then been our pleasure to pray these prayers at home, during church services and during our weekly prayer meeting and bible study.

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